India is a land apart... Colourful, eventful and exotic... the ultimate destination for the travel seeking the new the unknown, and romantic. One of the world's oldest civilisations, its cutoms on legends, intricate meaningful,endured the passage of time.

With 15 wonderful year of excellence service Holiday Travel Tips is atour company of India, consisting of young and dynamic people, competnt and well experienced to provide the best services to customers, our customers ave always been our for most priority so we take care of every aspect while designing tour package for them.

India, as a vast nation has too many things to offer, from Sea to Mountains, from Tradition and Culture to Adventure, and also the vast rangeof Nature and Wildlife


Why Holiday Travel Tips?

We are committed to foreign travelers as a means of enriching one's knowledge and understanding of the world around us. There is simply no substitute for travel to broaden our view enrich our culture an stimulate our mind. We understand this at perfect travels and we made this allpossible on our tours, join and lets us make it happen for you.

At Holiday Travel Tips, we are equipped to provide it all to our esteem client with almost nationwide associate offices and more than 50 staffs. Our team at Holiday Travel Tips, offers their complete dedication to its clients round the clock to make clients visit a memorable one to this wonderful country.

Longevity and Reputation: We have enjoyed the finest reputation in the travel and tourism industry for many years. Our Clients know us like us so well that each year over half of passeers are people who have travelled with us before satisfactorily. These repeated travelers are the basis of our personalized service and reputation. We are pleased to welcome them back and work hard to keep their respect.

Some of our notable ventures had been as under

  1. We have conducted tours of 100 delegates from five countries - Thailand, Vietnam, Combodia, Lao pdr & Myanmar - under Mekong-ganga co-operation with the Ministry of External affairrs. Govt. of India. this tour programmer was routed to us through Air India.
  2. Our second major assignment was conducting tour of the vice president of Loo PDR He had come on the invitation of Govt.of India.This assignment was given to us by the Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India
  3. We are authorised tour operator for Air India Packages Varanasi, Buddhist sector & Nepal.